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Maxwell's Skin and Body Clinic endeavours to provide honest instruction and advice to achieve visible performance results.
Based on the Gold Coast, we welcome clients to our luxurious beauty boutique on Tedder Avenue where we perform our renowned facial, beauty and body treatments and offer our exclusive skincare products to be enjoyed by all who visit.
We look forward to offering our best beauty secrets, tips and tricks that can be passed down and shared from generation to generation.

“I have always loved
beauty, what person
doesn’t appreciate something beautiful?”

The Maxwell's Skin and Body story begins in a small town of Maitland nestled at the mouth of the celebrated Hunter valley region, NSW. Studying Gemmology and working in the local jewellery store gave rise to owner Julie Maxwell's passion for indulgence and beauty.

“It is more common than you might think, the transition from studying the science of precious materials to the beauty industry”

Julie started working for a small beauty salon in the local area and was fascinated to learn how and why the beauty industry works. It wasn’t long into her new career that she became a specialist in Glycolic Acid treatments and soon after the foremost lecturer teaching the technique to clinics all around Australia.

“Travel! Italy, New York, Paris. I made it my business to visit the best and most coveted salons around the world and experience for myself their renowned treatments”

Missing interacting with clients and contributing to their skin care journey; Julie felt it was time to open her own boutique clinic specialising in skin and body treatments. Relocating to the Gold Coast, Maxwell's Skin and Body was established on Tedder Avenue in the heart of Main Beach.

“Education is extremely important; I am always learning and making sure that I offer my clients the latest and most effective skin solutions.”

Julie travels to New York as often as possible to meet with inspirational specialists within the industry and attend international seminars. In doing so, she keeps abreast of the latest and best industry trends, techniques and treatments to bring back to the Gold Coast.

“I’d say it comes from the desire to perfect my products and services for the benefit of my clients. I happen to think that is a pretty reasonable aspiration to have”

Julie absolutely loves what she does, and is extremely passionate about giving the best possible service to her clients. Her specialty is Maxwell's Signature Facial, a luxurious treatment that leaves skin calm, hydrated, refreshed and glowing.
Being able to transform challenging skin complaints into healthy and rejuvenated skin is the founding principal of Maxwell's Skin and Body.

breaking bad ... skin habits
It’s what’s inside that counts

Always read the label, there are some ingredients found in a plethora of products that will do more harm than good to your skin. Yes, I know it may all sound like gobbled-gook but trust me; there is nothing pretty about these elements. Stay away from these little nasty’s: Parabens, Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfates.
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Fatal Attraction

Don’t be seduced by beautiful packaging and brand names. Much of what you are actually paying for is exactly that and rarely, do these products deliver what they promise. Save your pennies, no amount of Chanel gentle exfoliator will compare to our exquisite extraction method facials.

Natural Women

Sounds good doesn’t it-natural-well it may sound good and bring out the eco warrior in you but sadly generic natural skin care provides little to no visible benefits to its users. Sure, Mother Nature provides many wonders of which we are all thankful, but scientifically proven anti-aging products are not one of them. Word of the wise, only use products with standardised levels of active ingredients.